Specifications Tacx bottles
Bottle with ingenious membrane lid; open or close in one movement
Popular bottle with powerful design and striking turning lid
Modern bottle with press-on lid and flowing lines for lightweight effect
Timeless bottle with screw lid. Many lid colors for clever combinations
Classic bottle with press-on lid. Indented pattern rim for extra grip

The 5 types of Tacx bottles
Choice of 20 standard PMS colors

Specifications Tacx bottles

  • Food approved, free of BPA and phthalates
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Recyclable plastic
  • 20% post industrial recycled plastics
  • All caps are fitted with lockable pull lids

  • High quality Tacx bottles, choice of 5 models
  • Comes in 500cc and 750cc
  • Large print area 500cc: 100 x 235.5 mm; 750cc: 100 x 235.5 mm and 22 x 235.5 mm
  • 20 standard PMS colors, custom colors from 5,000 onwards
  • Easy to squeeze; made from soft plastics
  • Large opening, easy to clean
  • 3 lid options: membrane, screw and pull off cap
  • Dutch design

Bottle sizes

  • Diameter: 74 mm
  • Height Source, Shiva, Splash & Sport 500cc: 190 mm; Shanti 200 mm
  • Height Source, Shiva, Splash & Sport 750cc: 245 mm; Shanti 254 mm

bottle content amount box size weight
Shanti 500cc 25 pcs. 39x39x22 cm 3.75 kg
Shanti 750cc 25 pcs. 39x39x27 cm 4.25 kg
Shiva, Source, Sport & Splash 500cc 50 pcs. 39x39x40 cm 4.4 kg
Shiva, Source, Sport & Splash 750cc 50 pcs. 39x39x54 cm 5.4 kg

Pallet info
bottle content bottle/pallet full pallet size
Shanti 500cc 2,025 pcs. 120x120x215 cm
Shanti 750cc 1,575 pcs. 120x120x205 cm
Shiva, Source, Sport & Splash 500cc 2,250 pcs. 120x120x215 cm
Shiva, Source, Sport & Splash 750cc 1,800 pcs. 120x120x215 cm