Eye-catchers during competitions
and events

StarLight bottle crate
The Tacx StarLight is a user-friendly, plastic bottle crate, suitable for transporting up to 8 pieces of 500cc or 750cc sports bottles. The perfect eye-catcher for use during sports competitions, tournaments and events. The crates are stackable and can be cleaned easily. Due to the StarLight’s unique design, all the printing on each individual bottle remains visible. Therefore the extra expense of placing a sticker on the crate is not really necessary, but it is possible.

• Dimensions: 350x240x200mm
• Print area: 84x128mm
• Available in all black
• From 500 pieces onwards the crate is available in your own color
• Full color sticker available from 10 pieces onwards

SixBag bottle carrier
Simple low budget bottle carrier for a maximum of 6 bottles of 500cc or 750cc. Foldable and

• Dimensions: 170x250x150 mm
• Available in grey and black